Saturday, January 31, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

Is it a national holiday yet?!?!   Well, Super Sowl Sunday and the day after should be. I am looking forward to having the day after the Super Bowl off this year. Me and my sister always have a big party.  Well, this year is one of the smaller ones, but in years past we have had 40 plus people on the big day.  Those years doesn't leave me much time to eat, never mind catch the game.  Not that I am much into football these days. I enjoyed it a lot more when I was single and spent Monday nights at the bar watching football with the guys.  My current situation doesn't lend itself to nights like that anymore, but football always brings back good memories for me.  Whether it is the many nights hanging out with my good friends watching the game, or the very early years when the Cowboys were the time to love. We would attend a big party with my parents and I look forward to continuing the tradition with my boys.

I just finished up my kielbasa and pineapple appetizer for tomorrow, and still need to make my yearly football themed cake. This year it will be a lemon cake, with chocolate icing shaped like a football, topped with coconut.  The boys are excited to help me this year.  So I promise come Monday I will have some new photos to share.  Until then, I will root for the Cardinals since I think they are the underdog. 


  1. Sound fun and YUMMMM lemon cake.

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun! I am watching but mainly just to see the commercials.