Monday, December 29, 2008


the fog has lifted....I have been recouping from Christmas and have felt downright ploppy, and finally got some motivation. I cleaned and rearranged the boys room! Woo Hoo! It will probably stay clean for a hot minute, but at least it is clean for now. I better take a picture of it before Alexander the tornado comes.

Tomorrow is a busy day! Off to work with the boys, and when I come home laundry and pack for our trip to Baltimore. I can't wait to get away. I will post some pictures and updates once I figure out how to do them. LOL

Hello new world

Well, for me it is a new world; A new outlet. Many moons ago, I would spend my nights writing in my journal. Before the Internet, husband, kids etc. I enjoy looking back at those written thoughts, and reliving the memories, or just seeing how far I have come from those young, crazy times. It is time to get back to writing down those memories. Maybe because I fear my mind is going already. Or is that lack of sleep doing it to me??? I can't promise consistency, nor wit, nor eloquent paragraphs, but I can promise that I will try to keep up with my memories, and the stories that melt my heart, make me laugh, and keep me going.

So hold on to your seats, it is going to be a long, bumpy, exciting ride!