Saturday, January 10, 2009

Never ending laundry

Does it ever end?!  It seems I spend my life washing and pairing socks, and there are never any to be found.  Let's see 4 people, 8 feet, 7 days, that is a lot of socks!!!  Ok, I know many of you have more then that, which is even more insanity!  I don't know what I would do if we didn't have our ultra large washing machine, since I can never keep up these days.

I am sitting enjoying watching the snow fall. I am hoping for enough to go sleding tomorrow.  The boys can't wait to get their new sled down the hill. It has been a quiet day, my friend came over with her kids this morning, and then I braved the Shoprite which was full of crazy shoppers.  We spent the rest of the afternnon playing some games. It has been a nice day, now I need to get back to that dreaded task of laundry, and finsih undecking the halls


  1. LOL, I am forever losing socks as well. Sigh. AT least i can feel your pain.

  2. Good luck with the laundry. If you washing machine lets you know where all the socks go. Please feel free to pass on the message! And, when you get down with yours you can come start on my mountain of laundry! :) Hope you guys get enough snow to go sledding!