Sunday, April 26, 2009

Disney bound- Days 1 to 3

Our journey to Disney!

Today is Sunday, our Journey began bright and early Friday morning. We were all up early except for Alexander. Sean woke up and was upset to see me awake and Daddy awake and already out of the house to hit the bakery. He said he wanted to be the first one up, which is usually the case with him. Alexander on the other hand wasn't too happy to see me when I went in the room to get their clothes together. He woke up, looked at me and said "Quiet, I am trying to sleep here!" I said ok, we will go on vacation without you, and then he pooped his head up, and got right out of bed, yelling YAY, we are going to the hotel. He is a bit hotel obsessed.

We got out of the house at 7:30, right on time. We made our first stop in DE for a strech and potty break (Mom was right Alexander would want to use the real potty with us, maybe he will come home trained), then stopped for an early lunch at Damon's ribs in Maryland. I was excited I had my coupon with me. We had an easy, but long drive, and got into the hotel about 5:15, sfter another stop or two. We were in and out of the hotel pretty quickly, and off to Steak and Shake for dinner. Yummy burgers, but didn't get a shake for dinner, I would have never ate my dinner. We then went to see Uncle John and cousin Lenny. Can't visit Uncle John without some nice fresh baked babka, and rye bread. We brought down kielbasa also, figuring we had enough for dinner on Saturday night, and then they would still have enough for 1 or 2 meals, and they said they weren't sharing. We spent a couple hours with them, spent a lot of time talking, and the boys even had a nice adventure on the golf course with Daddy and their cousin Lenny. I told Uncle John they would be coming home with treasures, and sure enough the did. Pine cones and golf balls.

Saturday morning, the boys slept until almost 8 AM, I love room darkening curtains!! We got ready and off to Replacements to sell some old dishes and odds and ends. I would have hoped they would buy more, but we got rid of 2 boxes of stuff. Not too bad. We will try again another time. Next time I can't forget the silver. The boys had fun seeing all the dishes, and seeing that they had a dog just like Bailey there. It must be a fun place to work, that you get to take your dog to work. After that we spent the day with the family. Went to the City park, did some rides and enjoyed the day. It was nice to visit with them, and Sean Jr. thought it was quite interesting that Uncle John use to own an ice cream shop. The boys took well to them and were not shy at all.

Sunday we got up to pack up and leave for our next destination. Alexander was upset we didn't stay at a real hotel. This one wasn't real because it didn't have a pool. He is too funny! We had lunch with Lenny and Uncle John, their Sunday tradition of Arbys, then got on the road. Today seemed like a long drive. A lot of nothing around and going off the normal route of highway 95. We stopped at Cracker barrel for dinne, and then another stop in South Carolina for a quick break. We have about 40 mins. to our next hotel. Then tomorrow up and out, and only 3 hours to disney! Woo Hoo! I can't wait. More later.

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